Kunlun world wide rose by 727%, with a total outflow of 31.5 billion yuan in the past five days

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Beijing, July 29 (Xinhua) in early trading, Kunlun wanwei (300418) rose 7.27% to 26.85 yuan, the turnover was 719.72 million yuan, the turnover rate was 2.73%, the amplitude was 6.43%, the regular lottery website, the volume ratio was 4.48.

Kunlun World Wide Web's Internet media industry website lottery regular website, the group rose by 2.49%. Leading stocks for Fuchun shares (300299) website lottery regular website, leading shares for 35 Internet (300051).

In terms of capital, Kunlun wanwei has outflow 314.9438 million yuan in recent 5 days. Up to now, the main capital has been in a state of net inflow, with a net inflow of 94.1109 million yuan.

compared with the previous day (July 28, 2020), the financing and securities lending data of the stock are as follows: the balance of financing is 149500800 yuan, the balance of securities lending is 55.7183 million shares, the purchase of financing is 117.4822 million yuan, and the net purchase of financing is 29.8359 million yuan.

According to the latest first quarter report performance in 2020, the company realized transaction income of 1.009 billion yuan, net profit of 508 million yuan, profit per share of 0.44 yuan, and P / E ratio of 20.60.

In terms of agency rating, in the past half a year, six securities companies offered to buy and one to increase holdings.

The main transaction service of Kunlun World Wide Web is the value-added service of integrated Internet. The latest performance of regular notice shows that the number of shareholders of the company is 72000, which is 4.66% shorter than that in the previous notice period. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)